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...God created humans and integrated stories into human plan. Since then stories are the foundation of human progress, provide stimuli to think, provide meaning and a sense of direction.

Storyista.com is a platform encompassing this crux of human evolution.

Who we are ?

Bunch of crazy people who see the world through stories.

What are we up to ?

Creating world's largest platform of short stories and touching millions of lives everyday to think better.

But why stories ?

Stories are built in human plan, provides meaning and a sense of direction.

What's in the name ?

A story enthusiast, who loves to read, write & share stories is a Storyista.

Our Services

For Aspiring Individuals

Aspiring Individuals

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For Corporate Teams

Corporate Teams

Your team needs constant fuel to stay motivated. This service will help you to keep your people stimulated and setup the right emotional temperature. Check out 'Enterprise Services'. Its free today!

For Clients & Customers

Clients & Customers

People do not forget Stories. Associate your brand with our amazing Stories and your clients & customers will never forget you. Check out 'Enterprise Services'. Its free today!

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