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Stories are built in human plan, provides meaning and a sense of direction. Humans think in visuals and learn through stories. Since time immemorial, stories have helped in forming basic nature of humans. We bring the same to our personal and corporate lives through

Why short stories only?

In our fast life we often miss to feed our emotional and intellectual needs due to our race against time. We do not want our readers to spend too much time reading. Hence a small dose of a story everyday, either by visiting on the portal or by subscribing to story emails, will be enough. Change is always incremental. It happens gradually. Daily doses of short stories are bound to have profound effect on reader's lives.

Getting started with Storyista?

Its simple! Just login with your Real Name and an email account. Or else you can login through Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ or Twitter account.

I am not a professional writer? How can I contribute stories?

Stories are everywhere. This world is made from stories. You may find such short stories in your phone messages, emails, shared by your friends, a small incident within your life. Hence you need not to be a professional writer to add stories on the portal.

Any short narrative you come across which you feel matches with the standards of (refer Storyita Usage Guidelines and Policies), submit it via WRITE option on the site. However, you must mention the source of the story. Give credit to the original writer. If you don't know the original writer, keep it blank. Default source for such story will be Contributed by (your name).

How can I edit my profile and account settings?

Go to the left bar menu by clicking on the logo. Click on the settings icon on the right hand side of your name. This will take you to the Profile and Account settings page.

How can I report abuse for the content?

If you come across any sort of offensive or spam content within the story or in the comment section, you can bring it to the attention of site administrator. Appropriate action will be taken within 36 hours. For stories, click on the Report Abuse link at the top right corner of the story page. And for the comment section, click on the three dots at right of the comment. Alternatively you can write us at

What are the Search Options?

You can search desired story, specific users, and any other desired content by using search option on the top ribbon. You can use multiple words for search by separating each word by using comma or space.

How can I find other Storyistas (users)?

We have Real Name policy on Hence it will be easy to find people. Just type their full name in the search bar. You will come across stories written by the user you are willing to find. Click on the short bio of the user in the Story tile. This will lead you to his public profile.

What is Enterprise Service?

Enterprise Services are meant for corporate clients or organisations employing people. It has two features; one for employees and another for marketing. Wherein corporate clients can take a subscription to enterprise services and upload email accounts of all their employees/ teams or clients/ customers. Through dedicated admin panel, corporate admin can schedule story emails and keep their people motivated.

Clipping a Story

If you like a particular story and do not want to lose it, you can clip it to your Storyboard. Click on the clip button on the story and you will be prompted to select the storyboard from existing ones created by you. If you want to clip it to a new storyboard, then create new one. Storyboards are for organising your liked content. Other users cannot view your Storyboard.

How do I Create a Storyboard?

Click on the 'My Storyboards' in the left bar menu. Create a storyboard. You should provide a distinct name to each storyboard. You can also add a short description to each storyboard.

How much time does it take to get story published?

Our policy is to publish the story within 2 hours from the time it is submitted by the user. However, it depends upon pending stories and availability of our editors. It also depends upon the quality of the content, spelling mistakes and grammar issues, if any.

How safe is my email id ?

Maintaining your privacy is always our priority. We do not display member's email id or any contact details anywhere. We have a policy not to share our user's email accounts and other personal details with any agencies. We are not in publishing business.

I can't finish story in one sitting.

You can save the unfinished story later. Save it before you exit the Editor. To access it back, go to 'My Stories' section on the left bar menu. You will find your pending story in 'Drafts' tab.

How can I make my story popular?

  • A story will become popular if it touches heart of the readers.
  • Add lot of passion, and true emotion in it.
  • Connect it with the lives of people.
  • Make them think. Make them smile. Engage with their emotions.
  • Share your story via social links provided on the story page.
  • Invite your friends on to engage on yours story.
  • Reply to the comments by other users.

Why my story is edited?

At the purpose is to ensure that users get to read stories which add value and enrich their thinking process. Our professional editors will edit story so that your readers get the best.

We edit stories:

  • To ensure that no offensive words have been used that might hurt the sentiments of others.
  • To check for spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • To provide proper beginning.
  • To add thought provoking ending to the story.
  • Any other reason, editor deem fit.

Why my story got rejected?

Story will be rejected if its duplicate. Further to ensure that your stories are not rejected take care that your story is complete in essence and clearly conveys the message.

  • Make sure that your story is well structured.
  • It should fall under one of the categories mentioned on
  • Story should have a clear beginning and ending.
  • Stay away from offensive language and personal attacks.
  • Write with genuine intentions to enrich reader's thinking.

Where can I see stories liked by me?

To see the stories that you have liked previously, click on 'your name' in the side bar menu. This will take you to your profile wherein you will be able to see all your activities on the site.

Where can I find stories liked by other users?

To see the stories liked by other users, visit the profile page of the user by clicking on their name or profile image.

I am getting too many emails.

If you do not wish to receive all the notification email alerts, you just need to click on the settings icon in the sidebar menu; it will take you to your Account Settings page. In Account Settings you can edit your email alerts. Uncheck the email alerts that you do not wish to receive further.

Why can't I select 2 categories while submitting a Story?

At we believe in maintaining the uniqueness of the stories. Hence you will rarely find a similar story under more than one category. It's quite possible that your story falls in more than one category. E.g. Motivation and Inspiration. You assign it to the category to which it relates more suitably

What is the purpose of comment section?

Comments on are not about praising the story or the writer but more about what you feel with regards to the story or comments of other users. We encourage people to share their comments and experiences related to the story so that other users can enrich their thoughts and participate in a similar manner. A story evolves as people share their experiences and comments.

Where can I find my submitted stories, but not published yet?

You can refer your submitted Stories (pending approval) in 'My Stories' section.

Functions of Storyboard

Storyboards serve as your personal diary where you can clip stories that you like or wish to refer in future. You can create multiple storyboards which will serve different purposes like a board to use stories for lectures, seminars, publich speeches or a board to use for sharing stories with kids, etc. You can invent your own purposes.

E.g. 'Everyday Motivation' can be your board for clipping stories that motivate you and 'Witty Endings' can a board where you clip humorous and witty stories.

Deactivation of Account

We would hate to see you go but if you wish to deactivate your account visit Account Settings page by clicking on Your Name in left bar menu. At the bottom of the 'Account Settings' you will see 'Deactivate' option. You can reactivate your account anytime again just by logging in from the landing page.

Managing notifications that appear on your Homepage

You can manage the notifications that appear on your homepage. You need to click on the settings icon in the sidebar menu (beside your name); it will take you to your Account Settings page. In Account Settings you can edit your notifications alerts. Uncheck the notifications alerts that you do not wish to see further.

I can't log in. What should I do?

If your password is not working, request a new password by using forgot password option on the login page. If our system cannot find your email address, you may be entering the wrong one.

I have lost access to my registered email address.

If you have forgotten your password and have lost access to your account email, we are unable to help you regain access to that particular Storyista account. Contact your email provider for help.

I have not received a new password after resetting it.

Be sure to check your junk or spam folders and spam filters in your email settings.

I just made a new account, but have not been able to log in yet.

Make sure your signup was successful. Check your email inbox (or spam folder) for the confirmation we sent you when you successfully signed up for an account.

My account has been compromised.

Please change your password immediately from the password tab in Account Settings. Please select a strong password. Scan your computers for viruses and malware.

My account is deactivated

Accounts are generally suspended for violations of the Storyista Rules. We may also suspend accounts for investigation if we suspect an account has been hacked or compromised. To appeal against your account suspension, write us at with details of your account.

What are general usage guidelines on

For any content you post, credit should be given to the source or original writer if you are not the original writer. If you are the writer then mention your name as writer. is a platform for story enthusiasts. We do not want to compromise with the quality of the content. You may agree or disagree with other's comments. However, you should respect them. Any sort of offensive behaviour on the portal will render your account deactivated. For detailed rules refer our 'Storyista Usage Guidelines and Policies'.

Copyright Issues does not claim any ownership of the content posted by website visitors/ users/ contributors. We tell users to abstain from posting copyrighted materials without permission of its owners or without explicitly mentioning the source. If such content is found to be posted, it will be immediately deleted and user will be blocked from accessing his/ her account. If there is such content that copyright holders like to bring to our attention, please email us and it will be removed.

Information posted by visitors/ users/ contributors is assumed to be posted by meeting 'Fair Use' law and with permission of its copyright holders. or any of its associated entities is not responsible or liable for any loss, or damage caused to anyone with content found on this website.

Visitor/ Users/ Contributors assume all responsibility for making sure that they are not violating any copyright laws, and are responsible for any such act.