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 A Man Whose Son Died

 A Man Whose Son Died

Harry Gavin
Hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, confronted by none.

A very simple story but very significant. And it always happens that significant things are very simple, and simple things are very significant.

There was a man named TUNG-MEN WU, whose son died one day. And he did not mourn for a day also. His wife said to him: “no one in the world loved your son as much as you did, why you didn’t grieve now when he is dead?”

He answered:

“When I had no son, I did not grieve. Now that he is dead it is the same as it was before, when I had no son. Why should I grieve over him?”

This story could be an extreme example, but we can treat it as a metaphor. Our most happy moments are childhood days, those fun-filled days of school, or college, even then we didn’t have any money. But we still cherish those days. Now whenever we loose something dear in life, like a property, money, wealth, or even a missed career opportunity, we mourn for months and months. Is it worthwhile? Remember, a day spent without a laugh or smile is a day wasted. Count your blessings whenever there’s any loss of any nature.

Mulla Nasaruddeen had an accident and his leg was broken. He was lying in hospital with one leg plastered up to thigh when his friend visited. His friend started mourning when Mulla stopped him saying, “it could have been worse, I am happy that my other parts are alright !”

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