A Walk On Sand

A Walk On Sand

Broken dreams can be reworked, broken relations can be repaired. All it needs is desire, will to do it. Giving up is very easy, but to keep going it needs real courage.

Sherna Pawar
One's weakness is merely the lack of confidence in oneself!

I left my house for a morning walk to the beach, it was still dark and I could still see the moon even though it was 6’ O clock in the morning. I was happy to reach the beach after working late last night. I walked on the cold sand and looked at the deserted beach. 

After walking for a while, I sat down to look at the waves gushing on the sand. Then my eyes fell upon the white sand and then on the broken shells.

Just then an old man came to me and said, “though so broken, yet so pleased.” 

I thought for a moment and responded, "even though pleased, yet so small and unworthy.”

He smiled and said, "the smallness vanishes when it would become great.” 

I said, “yet crushed on the white sand like dust.”

He said, “not dust, it is but a shining jewel, that made it through the waves and now it dwells. It had reached its path and now left its shell."

Silence grew within me, but it got disturbed by his thoughts. He left and walked…I saw him walking slowly away and then couldn’t see him at the bay.

I then realized that I had given up too easily. My weakness was merely the lack of confidence in myself. The idea of "once the brick breaks can't be mended again with cement" was perhaps stuck in my head. Now I realize that bricks do get mended with cement, broken dreams do get fulfilled, sorrow does turn into happiness. So I should do what I desire, and desire to do it - to the best of my ability, so that one day I could say that “through the waves, I made it!”

Sherna Pawar

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