Change Of Attitude Through Donuts

Change Of Attitude Through Donuts

How to make people follow rules. Be kind to people. How to deal with tough people. How to Change People's Attitude.

Shaun Dart
You can never make the same mistake twice, because the second time you make it, its not a mistake, its a choice.

This was a real life story I recently read on Facebook.

"This taxi driver was skipping signals and when I told him to stop doing this, he arrogantly said that everybody does that, so what's the problem. I told him to leave me and go ahead but he was reluctant. He didn't want to leave his fare and so I decided to handle this situation differently.

I bought him a pack of donuts and gifted him at the end of journey. He was all shocked and surprised. I asked him whether someone had done this to him before, he said 'NO'. Then, I asked him whether he was feeling appreciated and happy, he said 'YES'.

I told him that sometimes its more sensible and fun to do things that everybody doesn't do, like following the traffic rules. He almost cried and immediately we had a hug. He confessed that no one had treated him like this before and he got my message very well and clear. I reminded him of Gandhi's quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Friends, sometimes the most toughest problems have the most simplest solution. Those donuts will do the job for lifetime that a thousand rupee fine / punishment won't ever do, hopefully. Left brain and heart on the left is a perfect combination to use, go ahead and be the change!

This is surely not a really big life changing story to us, but it is through small gestures that we bring about happiness to the people around us. It does make a difference to the person who is appreciated !

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