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Chocolates Are Not So Bad

Chocolates Are Not So Bad

Its really pointless arguing with smart kids. They can lead conversation to a point that even Einstein would shy away to answer. Its better to give up early.

M Kaarthika Santhosh
An engineer by education & writer by passion. I love stories, be I am telling it or listening to it! Follow my page 'The Rough note' in fb!

“No more chocolates”, he said to his wife. 

She replied, “Don’t say that to me. Better say to your daughter.” 

“It is you, who get her chocolates every time we come to market”, her husband retorted back. 

“But she loves them and few chocolates are not bad, right?” she defended. 

“But it is not a good habit. Tell her what will happen if she eats lots of chocolate and stop her from eating them.”

She looked at her husband and said, “Hmmm… well, now I will go and get some vegetables, meanwhile you tell our daughter that no more chocolates for her and the reasons for it”, saying this she left her husband and her 6 year old daughter near the confectionery store and moved forward.

Their daughter Sarah, longingly looked at all the chocolates lined up at the store. He cleared his voice and said, “Sarah, you are a good girl right? Good girls don’t eat chocolates. So you should not eat chocolates anymore.” 

She immediately replied, “Is that so? Ok Dad, I won’t be a good girl anymore. Get me some now”. 

Her dad did not expect this reply so he scratched his head and said, “No Sarah, chocolates are not good for your teeth.” 

Sarah looked interested at what she heard and so asked, “What happens to the teeth dad?” 

He replied, “They get spoilt, and after some time your teeth become full black and ugly and then you can’t use them for biting, chewing…” 

Sarah interrupted and asked, “But dad, in school, teacher said that the teeth I have now will fall and I will get a set of new teeth?!” 

“Yeah, that is right”, her dad replied a little cautious as in why she is saying that point now. 

Sarah replied, “Then it is ok if these teeth get spoilt. Anyway I will have my new set of teeth, so after new teeth come I will stop eating chocolates.” 

Her dad heaved a sigh and said, “No Sarah, not only your teeth, your gums also get spoilt.” 

“Gums?”  Sarah asked with a puzzled look. 

“The pink part holding your teeth!” her Dad pointed at his gums and said in an impatient tone. 

“Oh, what happens to that?”, Sarah asked curiously. 

He replied “The germs attack the gums and make them weak, so that they will not be able to hold the teeth anymore.” 

“Oh”, Sarah exclaimed. 

“So all your teeth will fall and no teeth will grow. So you should not eat chocolates.”

Sarah asked, “Dad, germs come from chocolates?” 

“Yes. They live in chocolates”, her dad replied trying to repel her away from chocolates.

“But I have never seen them?!”

“They are so small Sarah. You can’t see them with your eyes.”

“Oh, so tiny!” she was indeed amazed at what she was hearing.

“Dad, but how do such small germs spoil big teeth and gums?”

Her dad, growing impatient with each passing second replied, “They eat away your teeth and gums.”

“Oh!! They have sharp teeth?” she continued her questions.

“Yup”, her father replied hurriedly and looked out for his wife to come for his rescue.

“Dad, but germs are sooooo small, then their teeth should also be small, then how can they eat my teeth which are so big for them?” Sarah asked sincerely with her eyes wide open.

Her dad one side felt impatient and on the other side felt helpless and so said, “Sarah, you will learn about them in your science classes when you grow up.”

“You have not read them in your science classes Dad?” Sarah asked.

Few minutes later when Sarah’s mom returned back from the stores, she saw Sarah holding a handful of chocolates and her husband paying at the confectionery store.

She went near her husband and said, “Ahem.. ahem..”

He gave her a sheepish smile and said, “After all, few chocolates are not bad, right?”

Contributed By M Kaarthika Santhosh

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