Do You Select People for Trainings ?

Do You Select People for Trainings ?

Sarah Kane
If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Recently a company began offering an extensive 5 day free first aid training course to their employees in an effort to be a better community partner. The idea was that since the town had a limited number of full time emergency medical service (EMS) employees and needed more volunteers. Hence this company would try to fill the void. Of course, it was a value added benefit to the employees also.

In order to qualify for the free 5 day first aid training course an employee would have to commit to volunteering for the towns EMS department. This at a minimum included an interview with the EMS department’s chief and a full physical provided free of charge by the company in order to make sure the person was physically fit to serve.

In addition, to qualifying with the EMS department and passing the physical the employee’s supervisor had to recommend the employee since the cost of the training was over nine hundred dollars. The supervisor was responsible for insuring that anyone they recommended was going to represent the company in the very best way possible.

The very first person that stepped forward to volunteer was Joann Thompson, a thirty-two year old mother of two who had been with the company for almost twelve years. She was thought to be one of the finest employee the company had and certainly would represent the company in the very best way. Her supervisor had no problems recommending her.

Upon meeting with the EMS department's Chief, Joann was asked a series of questions, none of those had anything to do with first aid. The questions primarily were focused on the commitment to the number of hours and if she could work under the conditions, they would be exposed to. The Chief approved Joann.

Shortly after being approved, Joann passed her physical without any problems.

Because Joann was the very first candidate for the extensive five-day first aid course and volunteer for the town’s EMS department a big deal was made over her leaving for the first aid training. In fact, the local newspaper was there along with the three local network news stations that covered the news.

That following week Joann attended the first aid training and kept in touch with her supervisor all week long. In addition, because it was a big deal for the town, one of the network news stations covered her on the news, with very short interviews.

Of course the company was getting a lot of great coverage for the little amount of money it was costing them for the training course. In fact, it was much better than they ever imagined. The company’s name was mentioned all over town in a very positive way. You just cannot purchase that kind of coverage anywhere.

The week ended and Joann was back home that very weekend and again received great attention from the local media. Joann and the company was very proud of this accomplishment and the attention they were receiving.

That very next Monday as Joann was walking out on her way to her car, a horrible accident took place right in front of her home.

An elderly man jumped the curve and smashed directly into a huge Oak tree. The front of the car collapsed and the man was thrown into the windshield smashing his head. The driver’s side door flew open from the impact and because the elderly man was not wearing a seat belt he bounced off the windshield and was thrown from the car. His head was bleeding and his body laid mangled on the ground as the car began smoking.

This all occurred approximately thirty feet from where Joann had stopped after this all began happening right in front of her eyes. If there was ever a time that someone could use emergency medical attention in the form of first aid it was this elderly man. He was in dire need of immediate help.

Unfortunately, Joann stood by and did nothing!

The EMS crew arrived on the scene and fortunately was able to save the man and get him to the hospital where he eventually recovered fully from his injuries.

When Joann was interviewed by the newspaper and local network news media, they all asked her why she did not utilize her extensive first aid training? 

Joann responded that in fact she put her training to immediate use. She stated that during the first aid training course she was taught that if anyone ever feels fainting they should sit down and place their head between their knees and that is exactly what she did.

People do not always make the best use of the training they receive. Training is usually a positive thing but never take for granted that employees will use it correctly! Hence it is imperative that you choose your candidates wisely.

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Samrat Sinha Tata Teleservices Limited

Loved the piece. The nuances of putting training to practical use, calls for application and the right fit of candidates...

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