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Drama at 5,000 ft !

Drama at 5,000 ft !

Lynn Lopez

John was told that a twin-engine plane would be waiting at the Airport. Arriving at the Airport he spotted a plane warming up outside the hanger.

He jumped in, said "Lets go".

The Pilot taxied and took off.

Once in the air John told the Pilot: "Fly Low over the Valley so I can take Pictures of the Fire on the hill."

Pilot: "Why?"

John: "Because I’m the Photographer for CNN. I need to get some close up shots."

Pilot was strangely silent for a moment, then he stammered "So, what You’re telling me is . . . You’re Not My Flying Instructor?"

Life is Short. Always Ask, Never Assume! It's better to to do your thorough research before getting into a situation which you can't handle alone.

Author Unknown; Image:

Annie wilson Senior Associate Editor

Hahaha... A witty way to drive home the point. We accept and assume so many things without questioning. We should always ask when in doubt.

Pete Kane Creative Director, BlueBell

But certain things, you have to just accept. You cannot forever go on questioning everything. Certain things were created so that we may easily understand them.

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