Frank Answers Got A Newbie Hired In Fishery Business

Frank Answers Got A Newbie Hired In Fishery Business

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I recently took six months off studying to relax and just enjoy everything around me. About a week into this I got incredibly bored. So I decided to apply for some job. After a bit of searching I found a quite interesting one - 'Looking after aquarium fish for the largest exporter of marine animals in the world!'.

I rang the company and the receptionist said she didn't think any jobs were going at the moment, I asked for the HR's email anyway.

I sent the resume in and less than an hour I got a phone call asking when I could come in for a interview. I replied "Why not right now? I'll be there in 40 minutes".

I had three interviewers; The HR manager, the man that would be my supervisor and my supervisor's boss.

The interview went a little like this, all my answers were completely honest.

"What do you know about marine animals?"

"Nothing at all."

A few worried glances were exchanged.

"Why do you want to work here?"

"It seems quite interesting and I figure I could learn a lot of things."

This seemed to make them a bit happier.

"Do you see this as a career path?"

"No, in six months time I will return back to University doing a business degree. I don't think this will help that degree, nor will that degree help this."

Needless to say they were completely shocked at this point.

"Well, this isn't a place you can just jump in and have a bit of fun for a bit and then leave."

"Actually, this is exactly what this place is. You work with marine animals, caring for them and selling them. Correct?"

They said Yes. 

"Well, who's more perfect for this job than me? I know nothing about any of these animals. That means when I learn something about them I will be amazed! This amazement will then be transferred when I talk to customers about them. As for the care and feeding of the animals, all the other staff are bored by it, but I will be excited which will lead to me taking great care."

The HR manager smiled at this.

"So what you're saying is not only should we give you the job, but you will be better than our other staff who have degrees in marine science, because you know nothing about our industry?"


I was offered the job on the spot and started the next day.

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