Get your 'Qi Time'

Get your 'Qi Time'

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Growing up in a village outside of Shanghai with no running water or electricity, Qi Lu (pronounced: chee lu) had no idea that one day he would have a corner office at one of the world’s biggest technology companies. As the President of Online Services at Microsoft, Dr. Qi Lu has made a inspiring journey to the top. Thanks to what his colleagues call the “Qi Time.”

During college, the amount of time I spent sleeping really started to bother me, Lu said once. There are so many books I can read and so many things to learn. It feels like, for humans, 20% of our time is wasted [during sleep] in the sense that you’re not putting that time towards a purpose that you care about.”

Although he admits it wasn’t easy, Lu has engineered his body to function on four hours of sleep a night thanks to an unusual regimen that ranges from timed cold showers to daily three-mile runs.

Driven by an unusual hunger to do more, Lu’s sleeping schedule has added an extra day’s worth of work time per week, which aggregates to nearly two months of productivity latched on to every calendar year. And he did it while still in college.

Many in this world go to grave, with some music still in them. Ask yourself how badly do you want to do more, how badly you want to achieve something? And what are you willing to give up for it? 

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