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Goodness Conquers

Goodness Conquers

Good can not exist without evil. Everyone looks through their own perspective. What is evil for one, might be good for another. But lord weighs humans basis their hearts.

Syeda  Fatima

It was summer vacation when we all students decided to visit our teacher's house. When we reached there, to our surprise we all were given some beautiful gifts. We were very happy, then Ma'm asked if anyone knew a good story? No one replied, then she said she'll narrate an inspiring one, all students gathered in hall and she started..

"In olden days there lived an old woman. A man used to passed by her house everyday, he would go and talk to the people, asking them to do good things and believe in God. The woman hated the man, she made it a practice to throw dust and garbage as he passed by. The man neither uttered a word of protest nor changed his route. He continued to go through the same route and patiently bore the insult. 

Days passed, one day the man passed by the old woman's house as usual but he didn't find her that day, no garbage or dust. He thought something is not right. Soon he went upstairs to see the old woman. When he entered, he was shocked to see the woman lying in bed weak and feeble, unable to speak.

Then man said "I did not see you today! So I came to find out whether everything is all right?"

The woman could hardly speak as she had very high fever. The man rushed her to nearby hospital, brought medicines for her. He visited her daily and looked after her till she was well again and able to walk. After few days of recovery the woman did not know how to thank the man as she had insulted him everyday. She felt ashamed of herself. She fell at his feet for forgiveness. From that day the woman changed herself for the better. 

This was the biggest reward for the man. He was a religious preacher and like other great men, his message was too of love, peace, and happiness. He taught people to overcome evil and wrong doings by doing good. He always used to say, "remember, never ever let negative or bad thoughts affect you. Maintain positive aura wherever you go and see how things will make way for you."

Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. One can not exist without other. Everyone looks at the situation through his/ her individual perspective. What is evil for one, might be good for another. But lord weighs humans basis their hearts.

The whole course of human history may depend on a change of heart in one solitary and even humble individual - for it is in the solitary mind and soul of the individual that the battle between good and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost. - M. Scott Peck.

Also, it would be appropriate to quote words of Gandalf, a fictional character - "Some believe it is only Great Power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I have found that it is  the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."

Contributed By Syeda Fatima

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Sometimes a small thing touched your life so much that lead you tell what is your status and where u r standing and what you are doing for the humanity.

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