Hand Cuffed Stride

Hand Cuffed Stride

There was beauty in travelling with strangers, looking at them, smiling at them, feeling what they would have faced today. But now the crowd never look at their fellow human. Almost everyone is busy fidgeting on their mobiles doing useless things.


Hand-Cuffed stride - Everywhere...

I scan them all marching with their hands fairly near their chest;

Women, women throughout. They hide their assets when they wander hand-cuffed,

I don't know why, I see men as well, hand-cuffed,

World gone shrunk, they don't see anything in front;

They walk and walk with blind dogma; they believe the other walking in the magnetically attracting direction. Trust sways after all.

Hand-cuffed treads. Oh My God! bellows the one who hit the other,

The unexpected handcuffed physique's hit and walked unostentatiously. Why? 

He terrified and looked all around; he did see few hand-cuffed, he deemed that he is alien and raising a voice might not fruit;

The hand-cuffed walked and kept walking without a head rise. I thought his neck might pain; 

I thought his hands would strain, I thought he would smile at me, and he did; 

I felt a fountain smile, but he didn't meet my eyes at all. He smirked looking down; 

He must be embarrassed by being in the state he is, I believed.

Why me? Why am I alone? 

I wanted him to look at me, I couldn't see his face, I don't know if he has sharp features; 

"Hey, hello look at me," I wanted to shout; 

I was shy rather and kept still. "Look at me once, meet my eyes, please." 

I beseeched within, and it was apparent as I wrinkled;

I turned infuriated; 

I elected not to look at him anymore. 

I turned my back and squared to halt my arms on my paunch; I sought to correct my hair and turned a few degrees, yet again I saw him handcuffed touring step by step without a change; 

I fancied to go near; I ached to tap his shoulders. What if he asks "What?" in violence; 

I don't have an answer. I will better be me, I conceived.

Some courage swelled, and I drove next; I crooned a song that might be his favorite; 

He paused and chinned-up just for a fraction of a second and resumed in his previous position. 

"Wow!" I thought, an achievement, I felt.

I was gazing at him; that everything else operated blur. I saw him and only him. 

Thudddddd, He hit another guy, and the mobile between his cuffed hands fell all the way down and settled in a corner. 

"Damn you!" he yelled and quickly picked his phone. He wiped off, front and back, and murmured, 

"Your mistake, what will I do if you keep fidgeting your mobile," told the other guy who was not as handsome as he was. 

He sighed and checked his mobile; it lit, and I guess he tried sending a text. His face relaxed and smiled.

He walked again; handcuffed against his chest, his neck bent enough to support and his legs moved few inches with every step. 

Kavipriya Moorthy

Mia Clark Student, Post Graduation

In my childhood I used to see people hooked to books or newspapers in hands while traveling. But now most almost everyone is either hooked to scrolling useless messages, or emails, else busy gaming. I wish globally we should observe one day as 'NO MOBILE' day. Just s/off your mobile phones for entire 24 hours, and see what happens !

Nicole Rush Student of Life

Mobiles have done more harm then doing good they were meant to do. Supposedly it was invented to bring the world together, communicate more. But it seems it has distanced us from our fellow human. There was fun in talking to a stranger on the train, bus, or asking for directions. But now, we are just hooked to our palms and won't even notice tears, smiles on faces around us. In fact cell phones have distanced us from ourselves.


Wow, it's nice and good. Very well thought about today's world and soon that gonna happen. The person without handcuff ,surely that person will be treated as alien, no these handcuff won't even identify this alien as they all are handcuffed. I am not mentioning this as negative but there was many new words, I mean the words u used were new to me. It could be because of my less knowledge in words. Kavi, the story was cute and crisp about technology which is ahead if us.


Thanks much :) These words are new to me too, I just did some research to enhance my vocabulary. Also thought readers might feel it useful to learn few new words :)

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