Have You Ever Experienced Such An After Sales Service ?

Have You Ever Experienced Such An After Sales Service ?

Henry Robert
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I had recently come to USA and bought a car after around 2 months. As providence would have it I met with an accident (I wasn't injured) just 3 days after my purchase. While I was headed home, I was rear ended on a slippery Bellevue road. The rear panel and the trunk were severely damaged and chunks of the body came out. I drove it up to a place where I and the other guy exchanged our insurance details and phone numbers. Oh, and during all this I was as nervous as a cat, oblivious of all the steps one must take when one has an accident in USA. (Yes, I didn't dial 911).

After the exchange, my car would not start. I was stuck there. Completely stuck. Luckily, I had friends whom I called and they drove me back to my place.

The next day, I had a host of ominous thoughts sprouting in my head; however the first and foremost thing to be done was to get my car started! I knew towing was an option but a very expensive one. I did not know where to get it fixed. I did not know what all my insurance covered (Yes, it sounds silly but then I never imagined I would have an accident so soon).

I called up the sales person who I bought the car from. His voice mail said he was taking the day off and would not be back until the next day. It seemed like all doors of getting help were slowly closing when suddenly my phone buzzed and it was Joe (the sales guy). He listened to my story and said he was on his way to pick me up from my office and go and give the car a jump start.

He came in his private vehicle, took me to the spot where it was parked and gave it a jump start. He then took me back to the dealership and suggested a Company approved body shop to get the car fixed. Sensing that I was alone and this being my first encounter with a misfortune in foreign land he drove me to the body shop. There he negotiated with them for the service charge on my behalf and used his contacts to ensure that I would get the fastest service possible.

After finishing up with all this, he offered to drop me back to my office. Although I was hesitant at first, I agreed, knowing how difficult it is to move around in the public buses. On our way back, he spoke very reassuringly, telling me the rules and how I could claim the devaluation of my car to the other party's insurance company. He even offered to help me in case I decided to go to court over this (I didn't).

We reached my office. By then I had a clear view of all that I needed to do to take care of the situation. I regained my composure and knew I had somebody to take me through should some problem arise. I did not know how I could even begin to thank him.

My mumblings were muted when he uttered: "My son is your age. I could be like your Godfather. Whenever you need any help, just call me. You need somebody by your side in this foreign country".

With those words, a reassuring smile and loving eyes he bade goodbye. I felt like God Himself was helping me out through a Guardian Angel. 

Beside his human side, this is a classic example of intrapreneurship at peek. Such employees / entrepreneurs who go extra mile in their call of duty win clients for their lifetime.

The guy's full name is Joseph Murphy and he works at Honda of Kirkland.; 

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