He Shouted At Her, Get Out !

He Shouted At Her, Get Out !

Veronica Bernard
You won't have a happy life if you worry about what others say about you.

I once told a guest, extremely rudely, to get out of my house, for a perfectly logical request from their side.

This was a few years back, right after I completed my post-graduation. I was a bachelor then, living alone in an apartment quite close to my office. Quite naturally, my apartment became the meeting hub every Friday. A few of us colleagues would get together, have a few drinks, order in food, chit-chat, and generally have a good time. It was fun!

As a bachelor, I did not have too many rules during these parties, so people could pretty much do as they pleased. Therefore, cigarettes were smoked, the occasional drink was spilled, food was accidentally dropped etc. It would all be cleaned up the following morning, so it did not really bother me.

About a year after I joined, a girl joined our team. So, for the next party at my house, she was invited too. There we were, all of us, sitting in my drawing room, doing what we always did. Then, I lit a cigarette.

As soon as I blew the first puff, she said, "Do you mind smoking outside. I don't like the smoke.” I do not know whether it was the alcohol, or the fact that I was rather deeply sunk into the beanbag and hence feeling lazy to get up, but I said no to going outside. 

Once again, she asked politely, "please, it hurts my eyes.”  I do not know what it was that got into me that day, but I instantaneously shouted, "GET OUT".

The moment I said it, everybody around the room stared at me and then one of them told me that it was extremely rude. They could not believe what I had just said, because they had never really seen me do anything like this before.

To her credit, she calmly said, "that was uncalled for" and sat there silently. She probably understood that this was not the real me. For myself, I knew that what I had done was just plain horrible. I could not understand what had happened to me in that moment. Yet, my ego kept me from apologizing to her immediately. "It's your house", said that ugly voice in my head, "you have the right to smoke wherever you want and ask whoever to leave".

Yet, as the minutes passed, that voice disappeared. I apologized to her, and quite profusely at that, later in the evening. That girl is now my wife.; Image:

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