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Hidden Treasure 

Hidden Treasure 

You will seldom find any lazy person physically and mentally healthy. So in short, if you choose the right job, right work, then working hard will make you happier.

Syeda  Fatima

There was an old man living in a village, he had four sons and they were very lazy. 

One day the old man fell sick and was counting his last days on bed. He was worried about his sons' future as they were shy in doing any kind of work, for them doing hard work or getting food on plate was like a burden. They did not want to put any effort in their life. They always believed in luck.

The old man's health was worsening day by day. He thought it's time now that he should talk with his sons about their future. He called all of them and asked them to sit near his bed. Then he shared a secret with his Sons that he had a treasure box full of expensive gems and precious stones which he wants them to share equally and lead a happy life hereafter. 

All of his sons were ecstatic, their joy found no limits. One of them asked, "Father where is that box?"

He said, "I don't exactly remember the location son, but I buried it somewhere in our farms."

After few days father passed away. 

All of his sons decided to dig the land to find the treasure box. Each of them picked up one corner of their farm land (which was barren for last few years) to dig. All of them worked hard and kept digging each and every inch of the land for many days. After they were finished digging entire land, they realized their father had duped them. There was no treasure box hidden in their lands. First time in their life they had worked so hard, that too continuously for so many days. They were disappointed.

A farmer who used to pass by everyday and see them digging, saw them sitting and cursing their luck. he asked them what's the matter. They explained him entire story. 

He laughed and told old farmer's sons, "You father was a wise man. He has actually shown you the path for real treasure box. Now do one thing - plant some seeds, vegetables in this toiled land." 

They liked the idea and sowed vegetables, planted  trees, flowers, fruits, etc. Within few months entire farm was full with crops and vegetation. They tied up with local vendors and started selling their produce. Soon then realized that 'it was the hard-work which their father wanted them to understand as a Treasure Box of life."

Life is whatever you make it to be. Some people are ambitious with their life and work towards accomplishing their goals. If you have no dreams of making an impact around you, on society, then there is no need to spend the effort. If your work is aligned with your skills, working hard induces flow. Flow is an intense state of focus - The level of focus where external distractions disappear and time actually appears to go by quicker. You will seldom find any lazy person physically and mentally healthy. So in short, if you choose the right job, right work, then working hard will make you happier!


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