How Much Fire You Have In Your Belly?

How Much Fire You Have In Your Belly?

Why Motivation Doesn't Last Longer | Fire Inside You

Tom  Hughes
Imagination is preview of future's coming attractions !

There were two poor and homeless brothers, the elder one was of 9 years and the younger one was of 6 years. They somehow managed to have alms. However, one day the elder one got sick, now the younger brother couldn't find enough food to eat and money for treatment for his elder brother. 

He hopelessly sat down under a tree and saw some workers digging a hole and were paid for the labor. He decided to do the same. But why? why, why, why? Why did he need to do this, he was just a 6 year old kid, so why would he do such a tough job?

Because he wanted his brother to be healthy again, he wanted money to survive. Even though he was just a 6 year old weak kid, he did that and made his brother to get treatment.

The difference between that kid and us is that we forget to ask question, WHY? We don't feel the importance of it as he felt. If you are drowning in a river, you will try your best to survive, it's because you want to live like anything else, you will give your best, you won't wait for anyone to motivate you, you will try harder with each passing second till you can, Won't you?

Motivation lasts longer when it comes from inside. How much someone motivates you, how many books you read, can't motivate you till the end. Outside motivation is used to enlighten the hidden fire inside you, it doesn't put the fire, it just helps to find out it.

So, the importance is not of motivation you need, it's of the fire you should have for your goal.

Contributed By Tom Hughes

Mia Clark Student, Post Graduation

"Many people find reasons for not doing something they say they want to do: Too much effort, too much time, too much money, the list goes on and on. Your willingness to make the effort or the payment or the sacrifice necessary to do something shows clearly whether you really want to do it. If you don't, that's fine. But don't lie to yourself. That's a big lesson I had to learn in my own life."


Our time here on earth is short, we don't die when we grow old; we die a little everyday. So we should make the most of our lives now rather than regretting later. Look at each day as one single unit and try to make the most out of it.

Marcus Tyler Founder - Brainwave

The desire to achieve is like a fire, you have to keep it burning no matter the challenges and difficulties that you face.

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