Innocent Sinners

Innocent Sinners

How do you define the age of innocence. What about the crime committed before the age recognised by the law. Whether these teenagers will grow up as a responsible human being.

Avinash Kumar
Writing is an alimony given by life

“You are exempted from any kind of sin till the time you remain innocent,” said the pastor through the confession box.

“What do you mean by innocent father?” asked the teenager inquisitively who is wearing yellow t-shirt.

Pastor paused for a moment and replied “May be till the time you become 18 year old”.

“Are you sure Father ?”…asks the teenager.

“Yes I am, my son..How old are you by the way?” the kind voice of pastor asks.

“I am 16 year old”..the voice got sterner followed by a gun shot which hit the pastor at point blank…all he could do was to open his eyes as wide he could and then never to be closed again.

He hangs the gun under the belt and comes out of the small secluded church, only to be joined by urchins his age who give a hero welcome to him.

“So how was it?” asked the one wearing red t-shirt “ could not enjoy much as he did not at all go down like in movies ..and he did not have much money as well..just 500 rupees."

“We can watch one morning show ..the ticket comes only at 5 and we can spare some money to buy pop corn as well”.

They enter the theater where a movie is running which is not allowed for someone their age but they know the rules are only for the hypocrites who have to show that they follow the rules to the public.

They come out once the movie is over and the one in yellow T-shirt say "I am sick of these movies, now I really want to feel how it is to do in real?”

“are you serious?” asks the fat boy.

“We will get the girl, do it and dump in some deep jungle, who would know?” Yellow T-shirt guy tries to convince.

“But how would we decide, who will go first?” asks the one in red t-shirt.

“I am the oldest, I would go first”…the fat boy exclaims.

“Screw you fatso, you don’t even know how to do it”? yellow t-shirt grumbles with an evil smile.

“Ask your mom and sister, how I did it, they will tell ya”? Fat guy shows his blackened teeth .

Yellow T-shirt guy pulls out the gun and points at fat guys forehead and yells "Another word and you are in hell”.

“I will be inside your mom then” fatso grabs his crotch and grins.

Trigger is already pulled, bullet has already made a hole and the body is already dumped but the guy in yellow T-shirt is still guilt free because as per the law he still has 2 more year before any sin will be registered against his name.

Contributed By Avinash Kumar

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