Do You Want to Kill The Time

Do You Want to Kill The Time

Nikk Rios
I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out !!!

I work till 3:30 and my wife leaves work at 4:15 (both pm). When I get company at work, I stay an hour longer to kill the time, and then I pick up my wife and we go home together. It's just practical. 

But sometimes, when we need to hustle at work, the guys from the next shift run straight to work and I get bored by just sitting in the coffee room alone.

So sometimes I go and drive people in nearby locations.

I just pick a direction, find a bus stop and ask if someone is going to the next stop. Then I drive them there and, before I drop them off, I tell them that I had no business there and just drove them and I'm going back.

Most people want to pay me, they just can't believe someone would do such a thing out of boredom.

And I tell everyone the same thing:

"All I need from you is a 'thank you'. If you want to give me more than that, then do what I just did - go help someone, anyone, with whatever you can give, and take nothing in return but a thank you."

Last time I did that was today.

Sometimes it gives immense pleasure to help strangers. People usually kill their spare time (which is too valuable) by doing nothing. It’s a crime to waste time. Whenever we are bombarded with such a situation, try to find something what would be productive, something which could bring smile to someone’s face. You will surely find it, if you wish.

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