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Learn To Go That Extra Mile, It's Less Crowded There

Learn To Go That Extra Mile, It's Less Crowded There

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Enzo Silvestri
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I owned and managed a small but very busy IT company. We operated a 24 hour business and some of our clients were very demanding, and it was essential to ensure that prospective employee knows that.

We used to set challenges to interviewees to see how determined they were and to measure their ability to work under pressure.

I remember that one guy came in for a job and we told him that before I would consider him he had to drive to a clients office 80 miles away, identify the reason that 12 of the users couldn't print orders to the other building and relocate one of the managers equipment to another office whilst ensuring there was no down time.

When he happily left we all sat in the office wondering if we would see him again as we failed to mention that every computer was loaded with the Japanese version of windows and every item of software was bespoke.

He came back to the office at 9pm with the old printer, a receipt for a new printer and a book on Japanese. He had completed every task, paid for the printer with his own money and even shown the company director how to get email to his PDA . The young man was hired on the spot.

'Going Extra Mile' is one sure way to get what you want in life, but few people actually do it. Put this practice firmly into your day to day business activities and you will have an advantage over the rest of the crowd. Going the extra mile will enable you to reach more of your goals. This allows you to 'raise the bar' on your new goals, creating growth in your job, business and life. Don’t adopt the “it’s not my job” mentality. This type of attitude shows that you’re focused on yourself, but you’ll see bigger results more quickly if you make other people the focus of your attention. Always make sure to go that extra mile, its less crowded there.

Contributed By Enzo Silvestri

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