May God Give You A Caring Son

May God Give You A Caring Son

In India parent spend their entire life building life of their wards in a hope that in their old age their son will take care of them. In most of the cases it does not happen


As the news of mining accident heard by Mrs. S.K.Sinha, all the scenes of last accident of Sudamdih Mines started roaring in her mind; her praying to the God, lines of ambulance, lots of crying friends & relatives of people died in an accident. 

Out of forty six workers that went to underground that day only Mr. Sudhir Kumar survived. Once again he proved to be lucky as he escaped from the serious accident of Ena Colliery in the underground mines. Many workers died but fortunately he returned back. 

On every occasion when she heard of an accident she would start praying for his survival. She was worried about the career of her son Rahul. He was not a very demanding child and he would not demand much even as teenager. Parents could easily convince him for anything. He was also a very caring elder brother of Raghav. Mrs. S.K. Sinha really worked hard so that Rahul can complete his MCA & ultimately got the certificate. She was famous for preparing delicious foods. Everyone knew that she love her sons very much. 

Rahul always had an affair with some girl since he joined tenth class & his mother was very worried due to his such involvements. Rahul joined Zakir Hussain Institute as a faculty member. Family was happy that every thing was going well and according to plans. Raghav use to think about the color of suit that he will wear on the occasion of marriage of Rahul.

One day a student named Twinkle joined in the BCA course. You can say that it was love at first sight. But it was a sign of 'lack of character' that teacher was in affair with his student. Twinkle being from a lower middle class family was very enthusiastic that she will start living like a queen after her marriage as she had already seen the large house of Rahul. Her parents were also interested in the marriage as her daughter is going in the house of a General Manger. They knew that after marriage their other son & daughter will also stay with newly married couple at Delhi. Therefore they will be free from all their liabilities. When they came to meet, Rahul's parents humiliated them by saying that they should not think of this marriage. But parents of twinkle wanted this marriage at any cost.

In a very clever way they sent their daughter for study to Delhi where Rahul was working. In a very planned manner, Twinkle’s Aunt in Burdwan arranged court marriage by asking both of them to come to Burdwan on a particular occasion. Rahul arranged reception at New Delhi thinking that his parents & his brother will attend it but nobody went there.

They returned to Pandarpala, Dhanbad; permanent residence of Rahul's parents. Raghav had never seen so much pain in anyone's eyes, like the pain he had seen in his mother eyes. But they tried their best, so that new bride should live in comfort. 

All this while Raghav also got married and continued to stay with his parents. Rahul & Twinkle came back to Delhi & started living their life which was full of zeal & vigor. In order to get rid of hardships of bearing a child & enjoying life at its full, Twinkle started taking lots of pills for getting rid of pregnancy. In all her wrong doings she got support of her husband. She use to be very abusive against her in-laws. She became an idol of greed & lust.

But there is old saying that if you give pain to others, someday you have to get it in return. Their business started dwindling with each coming day. Finally, comes the day when they decided to return back to home town.

Now, each day was very tough for Rahul's parents. She was really very greedy & only wish of her was to acquire as much money, gold & land from  parents of Rahul as possible. Parents of Rahul  were unable to understand the reason behind marrying this girl. 

Raghav ‘s wife was pregnant. His mother was praying to God. When he asked what she is asking to God. She replied “May God give you a caring son or daughter who can take care of your feelings”

Contributed By Suneet Kumar Sinha

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