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One Random Act

One Random Act

Happiness can be achieved through basic acts of kindness. Politeness and courtesy should never be a chore but a reflex.

Pragya Khandelwal
There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes - William J. Bennett

Every now and then you have those days that seem to drag on and go forever. Just everything that happens seems to drain you physically and mentally.

What if I was to tell you that one small, insignificant gesture has the power to turn it into a wonderful day?

Recently I went on a trip to the Gold Coast with my closest friends, on one of the days we went to Movie World. Now you must be thinking “Well how could a day at Movie World not be awesome?” And you’re right it was awesome, but was it more awesome because of the little things?

A tiny thing that happened that instantly made the day more awesome was, while waiting and minding some bags for friends who rode the merry-go-round, a small girl (maybe around 5 years old) just came off the ride and started looking at me. After a few seconds she turned around shyly to her mother who was getting the pram ready to go. Just as they were ready to head off she waved goodbye to me.

It was the most adorable thing ever; my face instantly pulled a glorious smile. It amazed me that this little girl had the courage and kindness to wave goodbye to me, a total stranger, and all we shared was a brief look and a smile. That moment rejuvenated me from the wait and boosted my morale ten-fold. It’s people like her that are the hope for humanity.

What people forget or don’t realize is that; you don’t have to be rich, powerful or a celebrity to make a difference. Sure those things help but to have the mentality that those things are needed to start is complete baloney. A gesture is measured by the impact it has on the recipient not what was put into the gesture. A $500 donation to a million dollar charity is fantastic and no less a generous act but a $5 donation or food to a homeless man could mean a world of difference. A simple smile or hello could go a long way, depression is commonly derived from neglect and acknowledgement is a simple inhibitor.

In the movie “About Time” they have a recipe for happiness. The movie is about a family in which all male members have the ability to travel back in time. Their recipe for happiness was originally, go through every day like you normally would and then go back in time and do it again. Only this time, notice the small things, make the most of the day, change your mentality and look for the positives, enjoy every moment. In the end, the main character realized he did not need time travel; he just lived everyday as if it was the second time through.

Happiness can be achieved through basic acts of kindness. Politeness and courtesy should never be a chore but a reflex. The power to change lives is within everyone and it can start with a smile or a wave. It’s such little things that count, don’t let chivalry die.

Source Redvers Cheng in Life Tips

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