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Pit Stops Are Necessary For Success In Life

Pit Stops Are Necessary For Success In Life

Failure, Rules of Success, Isolation, How to Grow, Bamboo Plant

Vanessa Del Piero
I read a lot. I read in bed. Sometimes I do some writing instead.

One day a man planted a bamboo seedling. He cared for it and each day he watered it and tended it, making sure it had the proper sunlight to grow. After a year's time, the man saw that the plant had not grown at all, but he continued to water it, tend to it, and make sure it was nourished by proper sunlight.

Again, after the second year the plant had not grown. However, he did not loose the hope and continued watering and tended it through the third year and the fourth. 

Suddenly, as if by magic, in the fifth year it began growing. In fact, it grew two and a half feet a day until in six weeks it was ninety feet tall.

The bamboo tree's growth is not magic. During its first five years, when it seems nothing is happening, it develops meters of roots beneath the ground. Though no growth is visible, the foundation is being established and strengthened.

There are times where we feel our lives are stagnating, or nothing is changing or no dramatic events are happening. In reality, those are the days we are (or we should be) building our own roots and growing strong for the days when growth hits us in spurts. This way our lives remain balanced. Also read  Stop & Think.

Contributed by Vanessa Del; Image: Darlington WikiMedia

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Sarah Kane Brand Expert, Shot Studio

Everything happens for a reason. We have to keep a positive outlook, not get bogged down and focus on the task at hand.

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