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Rainy Night

Gloomy story of a dark character of a woman and her son which she could have made into a better and normal human being. But greed and lust for life took better of her. Even her expression of love costed one life.

Avinash Kumar
Writing is an alimony given by life

Barrel was still hot and so was his cheek from the tight slap from his mother. He looked on while she was trying to wipe the country made gun with the corner of her cloth.

“Where did you leave him?” Nervousness was overwhelming the anger while she was trying to be as much stern as possible.

“In the mango grove of Ramakant Singh.. I did not know he will die!”...he answered without looking up.

“Why did you kill him…?”...She shook him but was unable to retrieve answer.

“Did anyone see you two?’’…Maternal instinct now was taking over sense of justice.

“ was raining and dark…I have covered him under the sack of maize”.

“Bring me the shovel”…now for the first time she started to impress him with presence of mind.

It's rainy night , Mother and Son both are heading in the direction to wipe out the last traces of human remains of another 10 year old boy.

Woman has aged 50 and the son is now 30 and have not talked about this incident in last 20 years.

She married somebody else after his father’s demise and he has just come to make final settlement of the property. The Night is rainy again and dinner is about to be served. One of them knows how to kill and another knows how to silence the evidence.

That night they did not bury that small boy but the trust between them as well. They both realized how far they both could go.

His demise would ascertain that the woman can sell the expensive lush house she will inherit and that will ensure a comfortable if not luxurious old age.

Her departure will ensure his debts will be paid and uninterrupted supply of weed to help him last without any pain of conscience.

“Why you had to kill that Boy?’’Asks mother the same question which was remained unanswered long ago.

“He called you a woman of questionable character”…Son said without looking in her direction…“not that he was wrong…I just felt bad.”

Woman turned back and started speaking in a cold voice, "your step father will come any moment to kill you..not as if I was not aware of this...I just agreed to his plans but now I don’t. You must leave this place right now."

She opens the door for escape with a faint thought of hugging him. Too late the old man is already pointing gun at the son with a sheepish smile..."Here comes our lottery Sweetheart”.

“Not here ..let's take him to some secluded place”...youngest of them could just grin at his situation…they are at the same place where the mother and son were years ago.

Old Man with Moustache asks him to kneel down…..he hears the trigger clank and feels sweat distinct from rain on his forehead and a deafening gunshot with a thud….the same old gun was used to kill the old man…which was used 20 years back….only difference this time was - the boy was now shoveling and Mom had pulled the trigger.

Contributed By Avinash Kumar

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