Sometimes, All People Need Is A Little Nudge

Sometimes, All People Need Is A Little Nudge

A short touching story from India, which epitomizes the saying "be the change that you wish to see"

Zoe Wright
Success shouldn't go to your head and failure shouldn't go to your heart...

Some background here. In India, if an emergency vehicle is coming, people are not very good at giving it way to pass. If there is a traffic jam, there is usually no way the emergency vehicle is going to get out of the traffic in time and has to trudge along. I learned this the hard way when I took my grandfather in an ambulance once, when we really needed to reach the hospital fast but were stuck in a jam.

One night I was driving my car on a totally jammed road in Delhi with an ambulance a few vehicles behind me and its siren on. However, no one was really giving it way. I could see the jam went on for another 300 meter’s ahead of me and it would have taken the ambulance around 10 minutes to cover that. I hesitated for a few seconds. Then I changed my lane to the slower lane, shut off the engine, and came out of the car (yes, right in the middle of the road). I then proceeded to direct all the traffic in the fast lane to go towards the slower lane and I kept running along with the ambulance giving hand directions to all the vehicles in front of it to shift to the slower lane. I was able to get it out of the traffic in about a minute and then ran back to my vehicle to turn it back on.

The amazing thing that I noted was that no one honked me when I stopped the car in the middle of the road. They could see what I was trying to achieve. When I gave hand directions to the car, they immediately gave way. Sometimes, all people need is a little nudge. It felt good.

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