The Happier Beggar

The Happier Beggar

Highest joy one get is in the joy of sharing. There's so much satisfaction in sharing that your soul fills in with joy. Learn to give, you have enough to share with those who need.


He wore a grungy and dirty grey-ish payjama and kurta (Indian wear). A small potli (bag) was hanging on his shoulder like a dress on a hanger. Thin and tall, his face was adorned with wrinkles. His eyes had a reflection of many road journeys he had traveled, days with empty stomach, seasons of heat, and extreme shivers of winters. Those muddy rains, bare foot walks, the hard earned begged pennies and with them a deep silence.

He was stinking badly when we crossed him. He didn’t beg that time so we did not give anything. Sometimes I wonder why is it that we need to wait for someone to beg first to be given. I have given to those who have begged and to those who look genuinely poor and helpless. However I have now realised the fact that sometimes it’s important not to wait for someone to ask us first but to give the one who needs even before they asks.

I could have forgotten him the moment I passed him but he made me look back. Not even once, twice or thrice. I kept looking at him till he passed by me. Never had I seen a happy beggar! The beggar was smiling at a thin dog. I could see its shrunken bones and a weak tail that he was wagging, looking gleefully at the beggar. After all, most of the people shrug off the poor little thing, each time it looked in their eyes for little pity, for a little piece of bread.

The beggar started searching something in his potli with his trembling old hands. After searching for a while he took out a biscuit pack. Perhaps it was the only eatable he had. The one he must have purchased from his day long collected pennies. 

He asked the thin and nervous dog who was hungry too, “Beta Biscuit Khayega”? (Baby, will you eat biscuit? ) The Dog wagged his tail much strongly than before. He hopped and jumped in happiness. The beggar giggled and gave all the biscuits to him one by one. The frail little dog kept wagging his tail and ate them all.

I could see his grave eyes twinkling in peace. The peace, we earn when we do a selfless deed without expecting anything in return. I am sure the beggar’s stomach got filled with happiness and contentment that night and on his way he made a friend of lifetime, that poor little dog. After all, if a poor beggar has a heart to give the only thing he had with him, then we can offer in abundance. The only thing we need is a kind heart to give :)

Our race has evolved from animals to humans on the premise of kindness & love for each other. We share air, we share water, we share sunlight, we share cool breeze of Spring, we share fragrance of flowers, we enjoy and share rhythmic music of the nature, then why can't we share those paltry belongings. I had heard long back that each day God searches for a person who has brought smiles, or helped at least two fellow humans. Have you been worthy today?

Contributed By Anjum Manik Singhal

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