The Path

The Path

Inspirational Poem, My Path, Self Realization

Shane Gibson

“This is my path, you cannot enter.”

My path is a walk of fire

My fire has turned to light

I visited the darkness

I created darkness

I marinated in intoxicating shame and sorrow

I created it all

I traveled back-and-forth from dark to light

My darkness tightened every sinew, compressed my chest and clenched my jaw

I saw the darkness all around me, outside of me, drowning me

I made friends with the tracker, the hunter, the night

He brought me to the dark warrior who had been casting his curses on me

There was anger, mistrust, hate in his cold stare

I entered his obsidian stare mesmerized, afraid to be consumed

Calm – suddenly I was looking back at me

The endless night was me, a fragmented warrior full of fear, sorrow, fight

He accepted me, I accepted him

The darkness was not outside

It is a great strength once you see it’s truth

It did not crush me, it did not end me, it shaped my light

In the obsidian mist I am shrouded

The realization was first a sliver, then a crack, then a chasm of light

The light to a raging fire

The fire consuming the blood, the magic, the darkness in it’s path

This is my path

As we walk this path it begins to turn to light

What I once scorched is now blessed

This was my journey all along

There were no distractions

All paths lead back to you

This is my path

You cannot enter.

Shane Gibson; Image:

Gary Nicholas Blogger, Writer, Cinematographer

My path is the path of stopping,
the path of enjoying the present moment.
It is a path where every step brings me back
to my true home. It is a path that leads nowhere.
I am on my way home. I arrive at every step.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

nikk rios Online Branding Expert & Video Marketing Strategist.

I can connect with this feeling, where we are so determined and aware that we are shaping our own journey. And we love to see the transitions that come along the road.
Its a state of equanimity where you face everything and still not be affected by it.

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