The White Dress

The White Dress

A heart pounding story of a girl who was to ohappy on her wedding day. Then suddenly something happens which makes her lead her life per his dreams.

Falguni Dutta
Everyone has an interesting story to tell. All you need is patience to experience it!

“You look beautiful, Jane!” I heard my best friend, Sarah exclaim as she helped me stand up. Slowly, I turned towards the mirror. The woman in front of me was clad in a white dress that snugly fit her and flowed out from her waist and gathered at the floor. Some of the brown tendrils escaped her elaborately done up hair onto her flushed face. Her brown eyes sparkled. She indeed looked beautiful. She was me.

The transformation from an ordinary girl to this glowing bride was overwhelming. I could see the joy and pride in the eyes of my mother and my friend who stood beside me. This was the moment every girl dreams of...

Unconsciously, I raised my left hand. Soft sun rays peeping in from the windows made the diamond ring, that now adorned my finger, sparkle - bringing back memories as if it were only yesterday when he placed it there and forged an unbreakable bond…


Michael McRoy. We had been together since high-school; finished college together and even took up the same profession. That day, Sarah called me insisting to go for a stroll in the nearby park to catch up on what had transpired while I was away for work. I had no plans as Michael was away on tour. When we reached the destination, I was awe-struck. The park had its trees covered in fairy lights. My whole family was there along with my close friends. Soft music was playing from somewhere but I couldn’t clearly pin point its location. I was surprised when from the shadows came Michael. It had been a week since I had seen him. He chuckled as I hugged him, returning my embrace. Then suddenly he drops down on one knee and said what I had only seen in movies...

“Jane McClaren. Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me. Will you let me take care of you, love you for the rest of our lives? Are you willing to be Jane McRoy?”

I was all choked up, so I just smiled through tears that had come unbidden and said - “Yes!”

Cheers and claps erupted from my loved ones as they congratulated us. Michael took a ring out of his pocket, and kissing my tears away, slipped it on my finger where it would stay for infinity...


“Jane! It’s for you”. Sarah’s voice bought me back from my reverie. She gave me my phone and went on to tidy her dress. I was facing the mirror as I answered the call. The bride’s face in front of me changed from joy to shock in a moment. The phone slipped from her hands as she slumped to the ground ruining her perfect dress. People came rushing to her side. The bride opened her mouth but no words came out. I watched in horror as she shattered… and screamed – in pain. But that scream was my pain.


The twilight makes the ring on my finger shine dimly. Cold wind blows my hair around my face as I remove the gathered snow and graze my fingers where his name is etched into the gravestone…

                                                                 Michael McRoy

                                                         (01-08-1988 – 12-11-2011)

                                                         Beloved Son and Friend
                                                May you find peace where you are

It’s been few years since that unfortunate day when my world came crashing down. I have long forgiven the rash truck driver who brought down the car that carried him as he was on his way to the altar. I tried to move on. But I still belong to him. His dreams are mine now and I will fulfill them. I place the white rose, his favorite, over his name as I remember myself in that white dress that was never meant for me…

Contributed By Falguni Dutta

Falguni Dutta Bibliophile | Ambivert | Story-Teller


Moving forward and yet keeping the memories intact...
What a wonderful thought!

And which is how it should be.
Moving ahead is the greatest feat one can do after such an incident. It takes a lot of courage, but it can and should be done!

Falguni Dutta Bibliophile | Ambivert | Story-Teller


Life is so unpredictable - let's live our best!

That's definitely something I want to share through my story.
Because living even in difficulties and coming out a winner is the best feeling ever!

And even if you lose someone - you'll always have others helping you towards your goal - and if not you are your best help - also remember someone high above among the stars is always there to guide you! :)

Falguni Dutta Bibliophile | Ambivert | Story-Teller


The indescribable emotions that one passes through on losing someone you love is really incomprehensible. And to meet with such a tragedy that too on one of the happiest moments of your life is truly heartbreaking.

But I hope,as the story gives another viewpoint that we can grow as a person for ourselves, others around us as well as the person we lost.
Hope and determination really makes the world go round!

Thank you so much, Gianna for your opinion!

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