What Kind of Listener Your Are ?

What Kind of Listener Your Are ?

Annie Wilson
Provides serious opinions on trivial topics with humorous dialogue.

It was a king's court, the ministers, scholars and the artists were all seated in their respective places. The king and his ministers had earned quite a name and fame for their wit and wisdom. One day a sage entered the court. The King gave him a warm welcome with all honors due to him.

The king asked him, "Oh revered one! May I know what brings you here? We are very happy on account of your presence here today."

The sage replied, "Oh King, your court is reputed for its wit and wisdom. I have brought three beautiful dolls and I would like to have an assessment and evaluation of these dolls done by your ministers.”

He presented to the king the three dolls. The king called his senior most minister and gave him the dolls for examination and evaluation. The minister just looked once at the dolls and commanded a royal messenger to fetch him a thin steel-wire.

The minister inserted the wire into the right ear of one of the dolls. The wire came out of the left tear. He kept it aside. 

He took up another doll and once again passed the wire into its right ear. It came out of the mouth of the doll. 

He kept that doll in one place. He took up the third doll and inserted the wire, it neither came out of the other ear nor from the mouth. 

The king and the courtiers were eagerly watching the scene.

The minister paying his tributes to the sage said: "Oh revered one. Of the three dolls, the third one is the best. The three dolls actually are symbolic of three types of listening. There are three types of listeners, in the world. The first type listens to every word, only to pass it out from the other ear. The second type listen well, remember it well only to speak out all that they have heard. The third type listen, retain everything they have heard and treasure it up in their hearts. They are the best type of listeners.”

The sage congratulated the king and the minister on the successful evaluation of the dolls and blessing them both, left the court.

What type of listener you are? The most neglected part of any verbal communication is Listening. Communication, as we all know is a two way street. A message has to be received by the recipient in the same manner that it has been delivered. One may be the most articulate speaker in the world but all is lost if the person one is addressing does not "listen". 

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