Vampires, Humans and Love…

Vampires, Humans and Love…

Love and friendship are too separate things but still inseparable. Love can be your life, but friendship gives life to you. Love flourishes on memories, but friendship creates memories.


It was a dark night, the wind howled and an owl hooted as she set out to keep her promise ‘A promise that we will always be best friends, never fall apart.’

I wasn’t sure she would come, our promises no longer made sense as she was with her Bloodsucker Boyfriend again, “Will she really cross our treaty line, to see me? The treaty was not for human beings, but as now she was a Vampire’s girlfriend…”

I tried not to think but there was nothing more I could do lying on a cot with most of my bones broken. I could see her every time until she was with any of the Bloodsuckers. My gift to see people I think off, was a Bane sometimes. I had seen her coming out of the house but her image got blur as she moved towards her truck, And it was dark now; totally blank as I was now. All I could do is imagine what was going on till I could see her again.

It was very frustrating to not see her. Now with nearly all my bones broken I could only lie on my cot and wait, wait to see the image of her in my mind. I wish I could run at her side to see her. “Will Jasper allow her to come see me?” “Don’t think!” I told myself. I wanted to sleep. My eyelids were heavy, they were about to drop but then appeared in my mind a blur image of Rose again. She was waving someone across the treaty line ‘I could not see’ from her truck. As she was speeding through the familiar lanes, away from that someone other than Jasper, her image got clear. He did allow Rose to come.’ 

“Jasper understands relationships better than you’’ Her words ringed in my ears Louder, like a reminder. I could also now hear the rising roar of her truck. The loudest roar the engine cut off.
It was silent for a second. I pretended to be sleeping. She came in my room without bothering to knock. She came closer and started speaking as if she knew I wasn’t sleeping. Her voice was heavy when she spoke –“How could you even think that I won’t come? You had been my best friend & still are, will always be… I know that for you I was always more than a friend… but why don’t you understand, for me it was always Jasper & not you Jake!!” she was sobbing now, “I Love him Jake, I cannot live without him.”

I turned my head to look out of the window, like I did not care…Then she fell on her knees near the cot to hold my hand “neither I could live without you” she said. Trying to control her sobs, she began again “You will always be my best friend, the best buddy. Friends have a special space in heart” “You will always own the best place in my heart…” “I Love you” she said after a few more sobs. 

“Jasper is my life…” I tried to grip my hand tighter to hers as it was sliding. She slightly kissed my forehead & I felt better than anytime even with the pain of my broken bones.

“You will always be my best-man” were the last words she said as she left the room open behind her.

Contributed By Darshini Rathod

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