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What Are You Holding On To?

What Are You Holding On To?

Robin Nash
Buy on the rumor and sell on the news

Once there was a kid who was given a basketball. The kid thought it was the only ball he will ever have so he protected the ball with all his might. The kid looked at the ball but never played with it. He was too afraid that something bad would happen to his ball and eventually lose it. So he kept his ball at the closet all the time. He would open his closet and look at it.That is how he enjoyed his ball.

One day he saw his neighbor’s kids playing basketball on their garage. The kid saw how happily the other kids were playing with their ball. He felt sad.

He went home open his closet and looked at the ball. Now he looked at his ball with sadness. He wanted to play with it but was afraid to lose it.

One day he took the ball out to play with it. But he was more conscious on protecting his ball than enjoying the game. Instead of enjoying the ball, it just made him anxious. He forgot about the game and checked if the ball had scratches.

He missed the whole purpose of his ball. Enjoyment!

When we put disordered attachments to the things we have, we fail experience their purpose. We spend all our time protecting the things we own that we fail to enjoy them. We are caught in a vicious loop of anxiety of losing our possessions.

When we detach ourselves from our possession that is the only time we can really enjoy it. Because that is the only time we use its purpose of creation. Material things are MEANS to happiness, not the END. Material things are made for us; we are not made for them. Let go of what you are desperately holding on to. And enjoy life!

Contributed By Robin Nash

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Shaun Dart Audit Director, Big4

There are times in life when you have to let go. It doesn't always mean you are weak sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.
And always remember when we were born, we came alone and when we die we go alone. All the attachment to materialistic objects will cause you pain and struggle nothing else.

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