Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You?

Stephen Lee
Philosopher at Night

A friend of mine had an interview with a Multinational Company few years before, and here's what he said to the interviewer which he told me later and inspired me lot:

After some technical questions and answers,

Interviewer: What makes you think that we should hire you ?

He: As you know my father is a bank clerk (He was asked about this before) and I come from a middle class family, this job is more important to me than anything else now. But Despite that, you can see me answering All Your Questions without any stress in mind or without any fear of not getting this job. That is because I never thought that I won't be able get this job, and even if I'm not selected today that is not going to affect me anyway, because I know my potential. So if you are not going to select me today, someone else definitely will.

Interviewer: So you are telling me that even if we select you and since your potential is high, as you said, if you get a job from another company offering a higher salary than us, you'll fly over there, won't you?

He (with a little smile): Well, money is the Most Evil thing in this world and it can make you do anything bad...So better you tie me with a Handsome Contract.

Interviewer (Laughing): Ohhh... you are setting us up. We were asking the Rate of Tomatoes to you and now you are trying to sell us the whole Refrigerator to store them.

He (confidently): Yeah... but look at the brighter side, that is what I can do for your company. I can get you Great Deals.

Interviewer: But this can be just bluffing. How can you be so sure that you are better than all those students standing outside? What distinguishes you from the others?

He (after taking little moment): Well, I have been answering you for the last 30 minutes with this confidence. If you find anyone from them who can answer you at my level, you can happily send me back without offering me a Job.

P.S.He was the only one who got hired by that company from his college.

The quality of the communication skills possessed by a person sometimes determines in life how successful he will be. A part of a person’s success can be attributed to the amount of clarity with which he can put across his views or make others understand his thoughts or make others come round to his way of thinking. Being assertive is a core communication skill. Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Speaking assertively is not magic. It is a technique that you can practice by yourself.

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