You Might Lose A Friend If You Pay Bill All The Time

You Might Lose A Friend If You Pay Bill All The Time

What Does Drive People Away

Tom  Hughes
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Back when I went to church, I had a buddy named "Jimmy". He was desperate for friendship to the point where he insisted on paying for everything. It was always Jimmy's treat. It was always Jimmy who paid. I'm not a cheapie but this man would wrangle a bill out of your hand. Jimmy had no friends. People kept away from Jimmy. Jimmy was also a very nice guy. Smart. Deep. But Jimmy never let anybody pay.

Why does that drive people away? 

Because people need to contribute. What we contribute to our relationships tells us we are essential and that we have worth. If people won't allow you to contribute to the relationship within the range of your ability, then they are essentially (and subconsciously) saying: " You are worthless. You have nothing of value to me. I don't really need you."

Hence sometimes it is really important that you allow people to extend their help, assistance or allow them to contribute to small events of your life. By doing so you will give them a important place in your life and make them feel important. Trust me, a very strong man wouldn't have too many friends. A small amount of vulnerability helps you to win people's hearts.

Contributed By Tom Hughes

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