How to write a good short story


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What is treated as a Story on Storyista and writing guidelines

Any narrative which has a purpose, can inspire readers, provokes thinking, or atleast bring smile on reader’s face, is treated as a story on Do not confuse 'smile' with with a cheap Joke.

Be Nice

Be nice with users around you on Storyista. It is not okay to use Storyista’s services to harass, abuse, or send other unwelcomed communications to people (e.g., junk mail, spam, offesnsive comments, etc.). This is a platform for respectful conversation and engaging people to think better.

Be Respectful

Storyista shouldn't be used to harm others or for hate speech acts like attacking people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition. It is illegal to interfere or disrupt Storyista's services.

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Give Credit

We respect individual’s and organisation’s rights over their content. Please be kind enough to take their permission and give credit to those who are original writers/ publishers of the stories, images and videos (use source section at the bottom of the story editor to give credits).

Storyista does not claim any copyrights over the stories posted. If we receive any objection from the original writer / publishers we will bring down such stories immediately. Hence explicitly attribute and provide a link to the source. If you are using a quote by someone, please mention source name.

Plagiarizing Policy

Plagiarizing content is considered a serious policy violation on Storyista and will be treated as such in considering moderation action against writers who violate the policy. We will ban people who violate this policy repeatedly.

Real Names Policy

Provide your real name. Any user reported being using fictional name, his / her account might be deactivated for all future use. Our members need to be real people. We request our members to behave respectfully by not being fraudulent.

Policy on Comments

To maintain the high quality of the content, users are requested to observe following:

  • Every story on the Storyista has a purpose. You may agree or disagree with the message of the story. You may like, or dislike a particular story. However, purpose of comment section is to engage in discussion. Elaborate your comments and support it with different perspective. Constructive and intellectual criticism is encouraged.
  • This is not a platform to write comments like; “wow”, “nice story”, “great story”, “not good”, etc. Elaborate your comments and take the thinking evoked by the story to next level.
  • You perspective on the subject should be helpful for the readers.
  • It is not okay to personally attack writers on the Storyista.
  • Profanity is strictly prohibited.
  • We reserves the right to delete comments if not complying with Storyista guidelines.
Policy on Adding Images and Videos
  • Nudity and obscene images or videos are strictly prohibited.
  • Mention source of the images and videos in the source section of the story editor.
Reuse of Storyista Content

You are not permitted to re-use the stories posted on Storyista for any commercial purposes. However, you can reuse only by mentioning the original credits of the story for personal and non-commercial purposes. We recommend use of social sharing options on the story page.

Spam on Storyista

Spam is defined as content which has little or no relevance to the purpose of the Storyista community. Any user found posting content repeatedly which has no relevance to the story posted, or found engaging in directing traffic to external sites with no value back to Storyista community, we reserves the right to block or deactivate such accounts.

Policy on Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar

Content on Storyista should be posted with correct spellings, punctuation, and grammar. If any content includes incorrect spelling or grammar mistakes, moderators reserves the right to edit it. However, any content with too many spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar mistakes may be deleted without notifying the user.

  • First Rule – make it look professional.
  • Correct spacing and bulleting should be used.
  • Spaces between sentences – One only.
  • There should not be spaces before periods or commas.
  • One line space between paragraphs. Please add a space between paragraphs even if the paragraph is only one sentence.
  • Boldface can be used to highlight and emphasize text.
  • The default rule - use Wikipedia as a guide.