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Two Coins

Two Coins

It is law of the universe that more you share more you get in return. It’s a self centered humanity in which most people think for themselves only. We lack the empathy that sharing few coins may save somebody’s life, it may bring smile on somebody’s face.

Sajit M Mathews
If you find someone without a smile, give one of yours.

She limped to the medical store tightly holding her shivering baby close to her bosom. She should get some medicine to the baby or he may not live. She has only a few coins left from yesterday's earnings and are not sufficient for any medicine. She trusted there would be some way out. 

The man at the medical store not only didn't give her attention, but also tried twice to drive her away. After all, how can they allow this woman at their store? She is a beggar, she stinks, and she is dirty. She begged the man to give some medicine for her child. She put all her coins on the counter and pleaded. 

The man looked at the baby and felt pity. He tossed a couple of paracetamol tablets on the table and took two coins - the price of the medicine and signaled her to leave. 

She took the tablets, and the two remaining coins. As she turned to leave, she saw a collection box with the picture of a baby in tears stuck on it. With tears in her eyes, she deposited those two coins in it, kissed her baby, and walked away. 

The baby was already feeling better.

Sajit M Mathews

Rob Sutter Success Coach with rebellious instincts

I wish I had such a heart to give away half of my possessions. I salute the spirit of those who despite themselves living in impoverish conditions, could share with others.

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